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Global Stewards - About

A Global Steward is someone who has the capacity and skill set of acting as a responsible denizen of earth, where one's Integrated Lifestyle centers around solving Pressing World Issues or simply living a life that does not contribute to (not solving) the pressing world issues. Both cases require a high level of psychosocial integration characteristic of an Abundance Mindset.


OSE's program since 2023 revolves around developing Integrated Education towards solving Pressing World Issues. We find a serious gap in global-scale education and Moral Intelligence - as emphasized in the overall evolution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Further, the issue of poor policy brought about by The Best and the Brightest brings about a need for a significant mid-course correction.

OSE Case

We are shifting to a deliberate creation of Global Stewards - specifically, reinventing the education system to produce global stewards who work on global issues in an un-compromised manner.

A Global Steward is a trusted individual - trusted by transparent documentation and reviews of their contribution and status to the cultivation of open source ecology - with small letters indicating OSE values, mission, vision, and OSE Specifications.

We are recruiting - and hence the need for a candidate assemssment for any individual on the Global Steward track - such as OSE Fellows. Treating this process as an experimental enterprise, we begin with tests, tracked on personal logs over time for development purposes, and include other data such as social network feeds, reviews, etc - such that all together the measurement becomes hard to game. Evil AI can disrupt here, but ideally we consider as many beneficial algorithm design principles such that game-ability is reduced.

A person who does well on all these is a great candidate for OSE work, as a developer, entrepreneur in training, OSE Fellow, a forum moderator, bank auditor, Council of Elders member, a Punisher, Permanence Validator, judge, arbitrator, leader, warrior, etc.

Note that this test battery focuses on positive psychology and not so much on negative qualities. This is because good scores on some of these positive qualities pretty much eliminate the possibility of serious vice.

  1. Moral Intelligence Test
  2. IQ Test
  3. Emotional Intelligence Test
  4. Intrinsic Motivation Test
  5. Grit Test
  6. Manipulability Test
  7. Independent Thinker Test
  8. Humility Test
  9. Abundance Mindset Test
  10. Creativity and Possibility Test - measures Divergent Thinking
  11. Collaboration Test
  12. Self-Esteem Test
  13. Integrity and Honor Test
  14. Growth Mindset Test
  15. Asshole Test
  16. Negotiator Test
  17. Effective Communicator Test
  18. Courage Test
  19. Creativity Test