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Applied Insights at OSE

  • If you don't have operations, do not hire an operations manager. This sounds obvious. We chose to highlight this one at OSE, as we hired an operations manager at one point in time - prior to having any well defined operations or workers - or established revenue stream! While this is literal for OSE, there is a broader meaning of this principle. A better reframe of this principle is: if what you are doing is not clear to your workers (no clear goals, ambiguous job description, crappy processs for evaluating candidates), first clarify your goals, specifics, operations. This relates to BHAGs and clear purpose or mission. It seems most companies are actually purposeless - and hence lose course after some time. Unclear job descriptions have many problems - from resulting in poor fit or mismatched skill set - to the more subtle effects like team alignment necessary to even beging talking about BHAGs. So in summary: disciplined thinking. Clarify of vision, mission, purpose, strategies, tactics, operations - and not only at the exec level - but communicated simply to the entire team.