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Workbench mill, corona corn mill derivative

Something that bolts on a table, can be fitted with stone or metal mill heads, is powered by hand or bike or motor or wind or donkey...

Size: about the size of a sheet of A4 paper

Corona grain mill (need open source photos) derivatives are very common in America, comonly sold for as little as $20 on craigslist, ebay... but cost $50 for shipping to Europe (4.5kg weight). They were patented by US patent in 1909 (apparently) or 1925 [1] and design is believed in the public domain (where is the patent?). Many are older models made by companies in Colombia (ie Corona, is Landers the same company?) ([2]), others are sold new on ie. Amazon, and are made in China.

Grain vs pulse: Steel head = only coarse matter-corn, beans etc are ground, stone head = flour!

The two hard parts to develop are the stone or metal head, and the drill auger.

Wondermill sell a 'stone burr' or 'metal burr' set for 45-55$ [[3]]. Also available in Europe for 35-40 EUR. The cheapest option is to use 2 paving slabs, cut with an angle grinder in circular/polygon shape. Not sure about safety of grain ground with this artificial stone though, best to use natural stone?

Nazko [4] and Retsel [[5]] sell conversion kits to use stone head on a Corona mill.

We have the drill auger fron a wondermill and from a genuine Corona mill, they seem somewhat similar.

Wondermill also sell practically every part that could be incorporated into (a) (specific) design of desktop mill, US and EU shops.

A rectangular sheet steel base plate has a steel pipe welded at 90 degrees, this pipes length is 'to suit' the mill user. On top of this pipe a

Development: (4-5cm?) steel pipe is welded at slight downhill angle, the mill auger sits, and is held, in this pipe, so on top a hole has been cut and a pipe has been welded to enable grain to feed in, with a big plastic bottle cut as corn hopper. On the power end of pipe, a handle is welded at 90 degrees to enable turning of the auger by hand, pulley or a die shape to enable motorised turning will be here. On the mill end you want a hollow disk welded on the outside of the pipe to enable attachment of whatever burr you choose.

Modifications to Corona mills:

Grain and Rice Dehuller, quinoa de-bitterer [6] [7]

Motor-isation: many videos on youtube etc

Maya mill, pedal powered Corona mill: Bicycle Mill/Corn Thesher [8]

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Hammer mill

See Chipper_Hammermill

This hammer mill is worth replicating by Factor e Farm:

Download plans: