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Common Question Phrasings

  1. Please compare and contrast in detail your initiative with at least two other initiatives working to to address the same critical need. Why is your proposal more likely to effect change and make a distinguishing impact compared to similar efforts? - Buckminster Fuller Institute


Kickstart has designed a handful of products, things like water pumps and oil presses, that they sell to entrepreneurs in developing countries to provide profitable services with. They capitalize on economies of scale to build custom supply chains that can affordably transfer technology to business owners.

In comparison, our technology is designed for fabrication by using materials like stock dimensional steel and engine components that are nearly ubiquitous in metropolitan regions and many rural areas. We don’t need to build supply chains, because the basic materials for fabrication are already widely available throughout the world. Further, where Kickstart’s designs are relatively static, the open nature of our platform allows the end-user to not only build the machines themselves, but also share ideas for improving them with the whole world. We actively develop feedback networks with our independent replicators to learn from them and to disseminate innovation widely.

Similarly, Technoserve trains entrepreneurs in developing nations and builds market networks with the support of suppliers, banks, and favorable government policies. Their impact is remarkable in its scope, reaching millions. If their organizational model was wed with the open ethic, their impact would grow exponentially. Imagine the skills, wisdom, and innovation flowing throughout their networks, and how significant it will be when NGOs widely embrace and promote the growth of the creative commons.