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Common Question Phrasings

  1. Please describe your organization's mission, what it does, and evidence of experience and accomplishment. - Surdna Foundation
  2. What is your long term vision for change? What is your organization's role in achieving your vision? - Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation


Mission Statement

The mission of Open Source Ecology (OSE) is to create the open source economy.

An open source economy is an efficient economy which increases innovation by open collaboration.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where everyone has access to the technical information and know-how required to build and use the fundamental wealth-producing technology that is the basis of the highest standards of living in modern society.

Values Statements

  1. Open Source - all of our IP is dedicated to the Public Domain for the benefit of everybody. There are no licensing fees for any of our information, though people are free to contract with us for our services. We pay dearly for information and give it away for free - the digital Robin Hoods of the open source economy. All of our blueprints for products and enterprises are published freely to accelerate innovation. We like Open Content, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Source Technology, Open Source Software, and Open Everything. We publish early and often to foster collaboration and unprecedented development velocity.
  2. Distributive Enterprise - We publish all enterprise models that we generate freely, help Distributive Enterprise start-ups with training and capitalization assistance, and generally believe that others making money from our open content is a great idea. We are not afraid to share. The only enterprise propositions endorsed officially by OSE are Distributive Enterprises, and this point is non-negotiable. We do not promote closed-source solutions of any kind, and we publish our enterprise models early and often.
  3. OSE as a Learning Community - The transition to the next economy requires that we learn new skills and become more capable and powerful than ever before in history - via rapid learning, augmented reality assist, and lifelong learning - towards becoming Integrated Humans.
  4. Radical Transparency - as a lean organization, we intend to publish results, progress, financials, and all supporting data to promote easy accounting and responsibility.
  5. Responsibility - we promote responsibility for the world around us, the key route to this being productivity - as a means to creating autonomous communities more free from global geopolitical conflict than at any time in human history.
  6. Regenerative Development - we are interested in leaving human and natural systems in a better condition than we found them
  7. Social Justice - we are concerned deeply about solving pressing world issues.
  8. Evolving to Freedom - One is not born free, but must evolve to it. Freedom is a state of mind brought about by responsibility. our platform is intended to promote freedom, not curtail it.

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