Granular Priority Tasks

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  • Income and Expenses Sheet - take entries from UWCU, SESLOC, and Farmer's Bank and record them in OSE_Financial_Transparency_2012#2011_-_Income_.26_Expenditures. Conditions of Satisfaction: new copy embedded on front of wiki, with link to edit, acessible by ED. Updated in realtime on running basis with 48 hour delay at most. Description of Delay Times in Online Financial Reporting.
    • Change the graph to everything from Sep. 28, 2011 to Sep 28, 2012.
  • Account for $65k for Kauffman via itemized list with links to work product. Work product links including Kauffman grant report submitted in March 2011 - File:Feb15progress.pdf. Need spending accounted for relevant to Kauffman Proposal.
  • Account for $100k for Stiftung Benevolentia via itemized, dated list with links to work product. Send report to them immediately, it's overdue.
  • Set up of Bulk Buying System. Follow up with Shari to transfer all she has done. Condition of satisfaction -
    • OSE bulk buy list with cost and source