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Good to Great, the book, encourages people that greatness is a choice. OSE further claims that greatness is a moral imperative, because there are numerous pressing world issues that should be solved. These issues require thinking at a scale larger than at which the problems were created, as Einstein said, which implies extreme skill and capacity - or greatness. The good news is that greatness or genius our choices, and these can be learned. A prerequisite is solving survival, like in Maslow's, so that we can participate in the search for self-realization. This appears to be the natural tendency of humans, not the evil and depravity that many people display today. This is great news.

To explore greatness, let's look at the limits of human potential by starting with industry standard. That is, what are the documented cases of greatness or excellence, and what is their frequency in the human population. Or, how much genius is available out there in society and how can genius be grown or suppressed? Certainly it can be assumed that genocides and other programs of oppression and slavery do not promote genius. We first must guarantee a basic level of comforts, from the perspective of Universal Basic Assets. While addressing the Freeloader Dilemma, not contributing to Financialization, nor creating a world of sissified pencilnecks.


How many geniuses are out there as a fraction of the population? How many people are born as geniuses and survive as geniuses at age?

1/367 by IQ greater than 140.

IQ Test

IQ increases 1-5 points per year of education. According to one study [1].

Take your Free IQ Test.

Note that these are all stats and should be treated with caution. Do not use this to judge yourself, just to inspire yourself

Creative Genius

98% of Children Are Creative Geniuses

1 in 367 according to IQ greater than 140. [2]

1 in 1,000 of the genius population is supposedly a creative genius, [3] Thus only ~ one in a half million is a creative genius?


How many truly humble people are there?

Moral intelligence

How many people in the world have true moral intelligence, not necessarily conflated with religion.


How many people in the world have a high level of grit, or not quitting when a times get hard?


What percentage of the world considered themselves to be antifragile?

Level five leaders

How many level 5 l are there in the world according to Jim Collins concept?

Peak Performance

What fraction of the population is interested in peak performance?

Peak performance defined as 75% of capacity. [4]

This source says that 10% reach peak performance. [[5] 27 elements of Peak performance. Start with mindset and attitude :

  1. Visualize success
  2. Focus on results, not perfection
  3. Solve problems
  4. Build discipline into their business
  5. Think outside the box
  6. Are self-aware
  7. Are self-renewing
  8. Understand self-programming
  9. Are mentally tough
  10. Possess strong cognitive skills
  11. Can communicate well
  12. Understand ‘relational capital’
  13. Choose greatness

Peak performance action:

  1. Develop goals and plans
  2. Take Action
  3. Get help when appropriate
  4. Seek feedback
  5. Measure results
  6. Leverage effectively - whether that is time, energy, money, or relationships. A peak performer’s efforts are multiplied or enhanced without a corresponding increase in resources
  7. Get things done
  8. Take Risks
  9. Adapt as needed

Systems and Tools:

  1. Invest in their success
  2. Have developed a unique message or image
  3. Create experiences for their fans and clients
  4. Are early adopters

Wisdom of the Elders

What fraction of the population is wise like an elder?

1/200 according to Quora [6]


What percentage of the population wants to be a transhumanist?


What fraction of the population wants to be a hero?

What fraction of the population engages in hero worship?


What percentage of the population wants to be immortal physically? In the metaphorical sense?

Good vs Great

What fraction of the population wants to be great, as opposed to being satisfied with being a good?


How many people like to optimize every aspect of their life?

High Achievers

How many people in the world consider themselves to be high achievers?


How many truly exceptional unique or outlier people possessing incredible talent are out there?


What fraction of the population has exceptional emotional intelligence?


What fraction of the population has exceptional intelligence?

Integrated Humans (Renaissance Person+)

How many people have heard of the word integrated human? How many people want to be one?