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OSE offers encouragent and will publish a graphical dashboard that one can use in the Edge of Knowledge program. First, One must learn to think. This is all learned so we expect that the dashboard will look poor in the first year but as 4 years go by, high performance will be achieved.

Note that this is controversial and that once psychometrics and metrics of empathy physical prowess skills humility ingenuity etc are private information. However we believe in transparency and by publishing a personal metrics in a dashboard, we do that in the spirit of radical transparency knowing that these are all changeable figures. These figures may reflect a snapshot in time but according to OSE philosophy, everything is negotiable. For example, if you take an IQ test, you can do way better simply by practice. Or if you practice the SAT, you will get a perfect or near perfect score. This is just a matter of the specific test being administered and when you get better at it you can say you got better at that test not at some form of absolute intelligence.

Further, we look for an integrated score. This means that you may score as an outlier in some areas, really poor in one areas - but what is most valuable is the highest overall score. At this point we presume that the outliers will not typically have the highest overall score. O s e is after the overall score due to its philosophy of integrated education, integrated design, and integrated Enterprise. All for making a better world for everybody. Outliers skill in one or few areas does not hold as much value to OSE as the integrated skill set.

How to

The personal dashboard may be an uncomfortable topic. As an entry point you can try to use only the metrics that you are excellent at. This could make you feel good. However note that extreme success requires skill across diverse areas and it is disintegrated skill set that is most valuable to solving pressing world issues. In fact it can be said that the OSE paradigm values a very specific set of skills that are focused specifically on solving the grandest, harriest pressing world issues, by empowering individuals to gain these focused skill sets for this specific problem. Naturally such a skill set will have to be broad. By skill set we include the mindset. And still we maintain that moral intelligence is a key intelligence that empowers both intellectual and emotional intelligence. Thus our program starts with learning how to learn guided by moral intelligence.