Growth Ratio

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  • For 100x growth in one year (of the Core Enterprise Module as a working example), 2x ROI for investor (which guarantees funding in a second) means 10% tithe on business owner ($120k) out of $1.2 net or still above an emm.
  • If growth is 100x, then investment was about $6M.
  • Does $6M get us to execution of marketing, if that is Assumed as key block?
  • This means hiring performance marketing at $4M, 30 full time staff to process 2400 acceptances into the program at $70k salary.
  • Missing link here is enterprise startup, at $250k/pop minimum. This could be Chambers of Commerce and civic orgs
  • Tuition model addresses the cost of training. Tech schools and community colleges
  • If investors fund startup - then it's 25% of first year net - or $3⁰0k
  • This means - initial idea was $60k invest per operation. Here it's $300k invest per operation. If we do 2x ROI for investor, we are at $600k net earnings for entrepreneur
  • This all assumes 6 month breakeven in the Core Enterprise Module, which is outstanding. If this were achieved, then we have DMS.