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Rebar is the most widely available structural component that can produce a wide range of structures - with 1 part material count. Rebar-based space frames are a robust way to execute roofs, columns, platforms, towers, frames, building structures, and other structures in a highly Degenerate context. Further, rebar production can be attained from scrap steel and a solar PV induction furnace, meaning that the cost structure would be disruptively inexpensive. If a shredder + induction furnace were available, where aluminum windings for engine-driven generators can be had, then advanced civilization (steel wielding civilization) can be attained from dirt and twigs. With the Charcoal Combine or PV providing electricity, abundance can be generated readily by providing the structures and steel of modern living.

Thus, mastering the design of Frames is important, and the rebar-based space frame is essential to this goal. Further, the concept can be generalized to ships, drums, towers, rotary kilns, etc. Let's explore the limits at Space Frames.

Concept - Structural Space Frames


  • Extensive and Intensive scalability of indidvidual columns via size: LWH, and size of rebar
  • Hollow core (tubular) also means that we can scale by internal superposition of modules
  • Retrofittable concrete pillars - Example: 12" base structure, insert a 6" core with concrete for retrofitable vertical scalability of structures
    • Insertion is possible from the top from a hatch in the roof. If using flat roofs, vertical stackability is high.
    • In fact, all columns can be inserted, 2nd floor could be jacked up as a whole using the first roof and simple jacks at each post. Posts are pinned as they are jacked - crushing safety is guaranteed.
    • 6x6 inch column can be grown on 1 acre of farm (see Farm Yields Per Acre) (400 kg/hr) - 10' of height =2.5 cu ft -> in 6 minutes. For 20 columns - 2 hrs of farm crop from an acre.

Build and Data Collection

Build Time


Logistics: 1 day weld, 6 welders, cutting happens prior to weld. 1 day assemble. Joints are required. Connector system must be created for this system if build is to be rapid. Choices include u-bolts and plates.

Working Doc 2 - Build Instructions for a Large Workshop Foundation


Part Library




  • FreeCAD script for printing interconnectable beams? [2]