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  • We gather around the platform, "mastering collaborative, open source product development. Without the ability to work effectively in CAD to share and modify design, we will not proceed as a team - but only as individuals who do not time bind their design.
  • We focus around interdisciplinary skill sets. For example, one who knows CAD and one who builds things is the most valuable, as opposed to two people one of whom designs and one of whom builds. The most elite recruit would know how to program, do CAD, diagrams, GIMP, build, and document.
  • OSE's promise is Efficient Process to its participants, with a promise to teach code, design, do braphics, build, and documentation skills. The promise is that with efficient protocols, libraries, tools, and templates - this is quite feasible - and in fact, the cornerstone of the OSE program.
  • develop OSE Ambassador Training. That person understands the culture of collaborative literacy and tools used.

Work Product

  • Job Announcement Template - a template with standard OSE information and procedures which is subsequently made specific to a particular position advertisement in question.

Critical Cultural Terms

  • Time Binding
  • FreeCAD
  • Open CASCADE Technologies
  • Economic time Binding
  • Distributive Enterprise
  • Collaborative Production and Manufacturing
  • Extreme Manufacturing
  • Open Source Economy - a parallel economy
  • Open Source Ecology
  • OSAT
  • OSPD

Candidate Criteria

An excellent candidate answers negative to no more than 2 of the following, neutral to no more than 5, and positive to no less than 5:

  • Is the candidate mature and ready to settle into serious work? Or exploring the world?
  • Are they ready to step into right livelihood creation? Economic time Binding?
  • Are they team players? Publish early and often? Time Binding?
  • Are they financially secure? If so, from mastery/simplicity or from a trust fund?
  • Are they independent and responsible? Can they risk share on ventures? Adult/child assessments?
  • Do they have integrated or specialized skillsets? Design or build or both?
  • Are they avid learners? Are they willing to learn across many disciplines?
  • Do they see a greater vision regarding the state of the world? Seminal books and vetted/reviewed set of reality books?
  • Do they have open culture? Do they know the distinction between open source and Fake Open Source?
  • Are they on a solid ethical footing?
  • Do they have soft skills?
  • Are they Integrated Humans?

Interview is recorded for internal purposes.