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This page is dedicated to defining a recruiting strategy for Design Sprints, Dedicated Project Visits, True Fans, and Production Managers.

General Strategy

  1. Develop mechanisms to convert any attention, good or bad, into value: DPVs, Design Sprinters, True Fans, Production Managers.
  2. Create a human ecology by regular updates of databases.
  3. Post a large number of challenges (specific Tasks out of Development Board) and Parallel Development Strategy


Identify top priority organizations that have interest in open source products, distributive enterprise, DIY tools, hacking, collaboration, systems change, expanding human potential, and collaboration architecture.

Recruiting Support

  1. Jamie Cloud - runs a recruiting organization
  2. Sam Turner - excellent organizer, networker and social media expert


  1. Engineering Today mag- met editor at KC Maker Faire
  2. Another engineering mag? already wrote article
  3. National Society of Professional Engineers

University Engineering Programs

  1. Engineers for a Sustainable World

University Programs that Require Community Service and OSE Qualifies

University Internships where College Pays the Students

  • Berea College - Community Sustainability Lab (Richard Olson) + Entrepreneurship Program for Good (Peter Hackbert)

Magazines and Communities

  1. Farmhack - we know founders
  2. Farm Show Magazine - they wanted to write an article
  3. Mother Earth News - we know people there

Allied Individuals

  1. Bob Berkebile - attended my talk in Lawrence in 2010/2011 prior to TED Talk
  2. John Motloch - landscape architect, wrote the classic college textbook

Radio Talk Shows




There is a regular flow of interview requests. See Interviews Spreadsheet. It is useful to rate these in terms of alignment/relevance and audience size.

Communication Channels

  • Connor Swenson of G+, via Sam Turner,


Newer information is found at HR Team.