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- Part of the Open Source Digital Fabrication Construction Set

- A 3D Printer that is suspended from anchored cables instead of a frame

- Similar to a Skycam or Spidercam in operation

- Is more easy to scale cheaply (more so on the larger side; D3D is definetly better for most things) due to the lack of a frame and the inexpensiveness of cabling

Used For

- Large Scale 3D Prints

- Architectual/Art Prints

- Building 3D Printing

- Possibly could be used for the Open Source Building Printer or the Open Source Watercraft Hull Printer

Industry Standards

- None?

Minimum Viable Product

- Print Area of at least "5 meter by 5 meter by 5 meter" minimum while scalable up to 50 meter by 50 meter by 50 meter

- Advanced Tracking/Calibration to increase accuracy + make it more consistent

- Keep Motors on the anchor stations instead of the carridge itself to reduce weight + allow for more hefty motors

Basic Design

Base Station

- 1x per Hangprinter

- Is essentially the brains of the printer

- Converts the file from either a storage device (such as USB thumb drive, SD card micro SD card etc.) , wifi or bluetooth signal, or usb direct transfer to a form understandable by the device

- It then distributes this information to the Anchor Modules, and the Carridge for the print

- It also does all the processing for the tracking

- can also contain IO for settings adjustmnts, error alerts etc.

Anchor Module

- 3x or more per Hangprinter

- Is used to anchor the printer, track it, and propel it with the intgtated motors.


- 1x per Hangprinter

- Used for the extrusion + may include its own additional tracking https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/hangprinter[



OSE Priority Filter


  • Great concept
  • Low cost way to print very large structures


  • Large effort is required to set up a stable support structure for the 3D printer
  • Practicality needs to be evaluated based on the effort of setup prior to a print


  • Developing an easy to set up, replicable technique of printing with the Hangprinter would be a great addition to the community

See Also


Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on the Hangprinter

- Timelapse Video of A Print By it