High School Cordless Drill Challenge

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  • Industrial grade performance is outcome, using common off the shelf parts. Startup of an Online Store is the outcome - so we seed this as part of the design. Commitments to buy fund the challenge the other 50%. Applies to Real World Learning
  • Includes option to buy OSE 3D printers and part-take in webinars, training opportunities. D3D Universal Webinar - includes purchase of 3D printer.
  • Kicked off when we reach a critical mass of 100 high schools joining the challenge.
  • Entry fee funds project manager, $500*100 = $50,000
  • Website with optimized infrastructure for submissions - $5k
  • Materials must cost no more than $50-100 including shipping.
  • Performance must match Dewalt 20V brushless cordless drill standard.
  • Must have rubber-coated handle using Shore 60A TPU Rubber.


  • Full Exploded Part Diagram in FreeCAD with label bubbles
    • For Overall, and battery, chuck assembly, 3D printed body, and electronics.
  • Includes professional looking title block
  • Complete and valid BOM according to Bunnie Huang's standards at How to Make a BOM
  • Data submission via online form and video.
    • Data in tabular form
    • Time lapse of driling 100 holes
  • Reward is based on Collaboration (work log completion base on how quickly someone else can study and catch up), Copying and Collaborating, Performance of drill. We assume performance. Sharing of supply chain. Supply-chain must be made non-viral.