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This is a page on how to hire for just about anything - which is important for doing impactful work. This is organized by topic.


It is useful to hire in order to eradicate crap jobs. This can have profound effects on eradicating corrupt jobs of all sorts. For example, if a person has a meaningful job, would they want to plunder, lie, kill, rape, and cheat?

It is definitely useful to hire people out of mindless, destructive jobs. Does this also apply to spying [1], drug dealing, corruption, or other hire-for-kill jobs? How moldable are people in a specific stage of their life? Is there hope for the diehards?


2020 Summer of Extreme Design-Build

Could I hire you for 2 weeks, possibly 4 if you have the time, any time between June 1 - Sep 1, 2020 - to serve as an instructor for our Summer of Extreme Design-Build? We're looking for people with hands on build experience to teach eager students, and living on site for the duration. We are planning on having 4 (I am included) instructors and 36 students the whole time, likely to be in 1 month shifts. We will build CNC machines including torch table, tractors, excavator, bulldozer, CEB press, CNC sawmill, houses, and aquaponic greenhouse - plus a number of other projects large and small - depending on the skills of the instructors. We will also use the machines for site earthworks. It will be the most insane extreme summer yet, and we're looking for teachers who would thrive in a rapid learning environment. The requirement is teaching material preparation time, where your prep time depends on your current knowledge and skills. This would also be a time where you also have the opportunity to learn a lot of skills from the other instructors - where everyone is in it to learn. How does this sound to you? If you can't do it, I would also like to hear your suggestions on other candidates. Certainly the aluminum experiment sounds like it would be worthwhile.

Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camps

See The Invitation. If you are interested in joining the Open Source Product Development Mastermind, then read more about the OSE Talent Search.

STEM Educators

We are currently developing curriculum for public technological literacy and teaching. A sample curriculum outline that we are teaching is comparable to this example - http://bit.ly/2Vj5o1Z. We are looking for open source STEM entrepreneurs with significant build skills to replicate our offerings in other locations, either independently or as part of an un-franchise. The intent is to create a technically literate public so we can all create a world that we want to live in. We can teach you a survey of technological literacy - in the 'train the trainers' model where you are the teacher teaching others. Hands on skills in robotics, heavy machines, and house building are included. Qualifications: familiarity with open source development with a track record of contributing to public development projects. Passion for open source product development. Experience in building things, and quick learning ability for learning new skills - both practical and theoretical. Applicants must be financially independent, as this training is for entrepreneurs to work independently (or under the OSE brand under special circumstances), but financial success depends on the skills and initiative of the applicant as in any startup. We are only offering the integrated skill set necessary to teach the kind of material that we teach. Applications: please send links to sample work if you are interested in setting up an un-franchise, and a 1-page executive summary describing your goals for the immersion. Cost: The cost for this immersion fee is USD $9500, and includes: (1) = a kit of our 3D printer so you can learn to build one of our core machines, (2) admission (you cover travel) to in a mimimum of 3 of our workshops (one STEAM camp such as http://bit.ly/2Vj5o1Z, a one day Extreme Build of the 3D Printer, and a 5 day Extreme Build of the CEED Eco-Home), (3) independent study materials, (4) 3 hours per week every other week of mentorship for a total of 72 mentoriship hours (over 12 months of time) with the OSE founder, (5) access to up to 3 Dedicated Project Visits of up to 1 week each, and (6), access to the OSE facility to run camps from our locations if you would like to use our facilities after you complete your study period. The involvement is intended to guide you in an immersion course of learning all of OSE's design, build, and enterprise techniques directly from the founder. This Fellowship is mostly remote, but includes at least 3 site visits for the 3+ workshops, and the ability to redeem your mentorship . The expectation is that you spend full time doing this immersion, as the amount of materials to cover is comprehensive. We are following integrated design principles for the design of holistic systems, so you will be learning the open source ecology philosophy at a deep level. It is up to you as far as where you take your learnings - whether to replicate an allied enterprise for solving pressing world issues - or a small enterprise of any sort, or as a basis for something different. We are just offering dedicated mentorship time to keep you on the right track, and hands-on training.

  • OSE has access to $10k per month in Google Ad Grants as a nonprofit organization. We could take advantage of this to scale our programs. Currently, we are limited my marketing ability more than by production ability, and we do not have a team member managing our Google Ads account.
  • Duties: create and manage ad campaigns to fill workshops with participants
  • Payment: on contingency basis. Payment is by commission - based on tuition to our immersion workshops, with gross sales goals per event typically around $20k-40k. Our general commission structure is 20% of gross.
  • OSE capacity is currently one immersion event per month.
  • For application cation background, please review some of our key work: Application - Please review the OSE TED Talk, MIT Innovations Journal Article, New Yorker Article, and 2018 OSE Fellowship Announcement.
  • To apply, please take a look at one of our latest workshops - the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp], and submit a 1-2 page brief outlining how you would be able to help us market this event, and what kind of quantitative results you would hypothetically expect to get as a result of tour work, and on what timeframe. Please be specific on your appproach to make a credible case based on quantitative assessment. For the STEAM Camp above, the maximum audience is 48 participants.
  • Please send applications and questions to Ops at opensourceecology.org

Business Development Partners

  • About: OSE engages in collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. You would be working with the ED to support and lead one aspect of OSE business development.
  • Business Development Needs: OSE develops open source industrial machines for building Civilization with modern day comforts. See the GVCS TED Talk. At this point, we have several machines that we are taking to product release as viable enterprises. We are looking for collaborating enerprise development partners to productize our 3D Printer Construction Set and Universal Axis robotics construction set. The enterprises we are considering are kit sales, assembled machine sales, educational workshops, STEM education camps, and teaching curricula, parts manufacturing, and other educational products. We are developing these as open enterprises, with business models published openly. Our goal is eradication of artificial scarcity and unleasing of innovation by open access to both education and Enterprise. The intended audience for OSE work is both independent entrepreneurs or licensees.
  • Application: Please review the OSE TED Talk, MIT Innovations Journal Article, New Yorker Article, and 2018 OSE Fellowship Announcement and compose a 1-2 page press release announcing the product release of an Enterprise that you can support or lead to success in partnership with OSE. The Enterprise should be based around the Universal Axis, or 3D Printer, or Desktop Microfactory, or an educational product related to these.
  • Contact: Please send applications and questions to Ops at opensourceecology.org