Hiring Philosophy

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  • Hiring cannot be a net cost, otherwise it's not sustainable.
  • Hire as a last resort. Before that: partner, microtask and outsource, or educate.
  • When hiring, understand cost and benefit. Quantitatively, and in detail. General ratio should be 2:1.
  • When hiring, start with an understanding that hiring is not a net cost. If it is, then your revenue generation must be revisited.
  • When running a business, more money has to come in than leave out the door. No shit - but this is what most startups get wrong.
  • Clear and new revenue streams must be opened up by hiring. If the hire gets in the way of opening new streams, the hire must be reevaluated.
  • Any hire should open up time, not reduce it. Revisit infrastructuring if a new hire takes up time instead of liberating it.
  • Reverse the enterprise to education that is competitive with existing options so you can capture the value of education. Training apprentices and guaranteeing them work is a way to bootstrap new hires.
  • Set up people as partners, not employees. Avail resources to the partners, so the relationship is a risk-share.
  • Aim for 2x revenue per hire, and aim for 10x for a long-term hire.
  • Be clear that any new hire is a revenue stream, not a sink. If this is not clear, revisit.
  • Set up hiring based on sales, not prior to sales.
  • When hiring apprentices, they must cover their costs.
  • Motivate significantly with a bonus of starting a new OSE Campus. Pay your dues, get a campus in your location. Is this fitting for an apprenticeship or a hire?
  • Go for 4 year programs with bachelors and masters, and end up with a facility that we collaborate on with equipment and Extreme Manufacturing events to capitalize a new facility..