House Cost Breakdown

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Generally, it's the 1/5ths rule:

  • 20% land cost
  • 20% materials
  • 20% labor
  • 20% financing
  • 20% profit

If you have land and decide to build with your own labor - you should expect to pay 1/5th the industry standard cost because most of a house cost is not the house itself. To build yourself is not easy, as it takes your time - but is very rewarding. It is also quite difficult if people have jobs. Incremental Housing is a good solution - and if modular design is added - the process can be quite replicable.

House Build (structure itself, not including site prep or site finishing

These are very rough estimates. See Links for details.

  • Foundation - 20% (inludes utility rough-in)
  • Roof - 20%
  • Everything else - 60%


  • House build cost infographic - [1]
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