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DeepNestSharp, aka DeepNest#, will process a group of 2D DXF files and arrange them optimally within a rectangle to minimize waste of materials. See Nesting Software for other similar software.


  • For windows
  • Go to the release page here:
  • Download the zip file that corresponds to your operating system's processor spec
  • Unzip into a new folder of your choosing
  • Right click on the DeepNestSharp.exe file and click "Send to" then "Desktop (create shortcut)"


  • Click on the shortcut to open
  • Expand to full screen and adjust
  • Click "File" then "New Project"
  • Click "Settings" at bottom center
    • Select "Spacing" of 0.25 for quarter of an inch if using imperial files
  • Edit Width and Height of Sheet in bottom left corner
  • Click "Add Part", in popup select files to nest
  • Change quantity as needed
  • Click "Execute", will continue to run until pressing "Stop" at top
  • Click "Pop-Out
  • Click "Export", select location and name file