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Certain troubling regimes such as for profit prisons, disintegrated education, North Korea and Russia or Mexican drug cartels exist. To solve this, understand that: first, those regimes are problematic at the leadership level, as the regular people are just people; and 2, if big problems are not getting solved then apprently people don't want them solved.

Of course it's not black and white and from the sociology perspective we must see that it's a mix. The grade between pure good and pure evil is a complete gradient, and the balance comes out to general good as the world today is quite an amazing place.


In all cases of Solving Pressing World issues, there must be certain conditions for solutions:

  1. People who gain consciousness of the issue and financial independence to work on it. OSE's role is as a universal trillion-dollar scale funding mechanism whereby the 5th Largest Economy can be addressed by an effort at a minimum of 100x smaller than the scale of the issue - assuming the 100x levearages better results from open collaboration, inclusion, inspiration, and relevance - all towards regenerative economic power.
  2. Unleashed distributed production with open source, modular design and swarm builds that make the reinvention of economic systems free from propaganda, ie, free from a limited index of possibilities that prevents fundamental solutions from appearing as people milk the old ones.
  3. A budget of approximately $1T, which is the quantity 100x smaller than all combined, current production. Given that renewable energy can produce military readiness over a weekend even in a simple square mile facility, a swarm of these should be able to address any global emergency.


  • Mexican Drug Cartels. Who wants to solve this? Is it that there is too much money and vested interest in this just like with too-big-to-fail corporations? We must start with understanding who wants to solve the problem, who doesn't - as a baseline - and then go to the problemsolvers to support them. The key is: there may be some good hidden surprises regarding leverage points, and the reason why the problem wants to or doesn't want to be solved may be surprising. For example, it may be impossible to collaborate with US politicians if they are on the illegal drug payroll - which could be effectively as simple as votes from people who party and get high. Or, it may be feasible to start live-giving network states or edufactories in the producing areas where the local population gets a chance to produce other things, ie, create a live-giving economy. Or Fair Trade Cocaine, etc.
  • Russia - a kleptocratic remnant of genocidal regimes that otherwise ended in the 'civilized world' by the 20th century, Russia remains a lively outlier in its human track record. Having never reconciled its imperialist, genocidal past, denying it to the present while continuing to feed its population with terrorist, genocidal propaganda. There are easy solutions. One, is to stop trade with Russia to banish it from the civilized world, remove visas for travel to all countries. Substitute aluminum and other natural resources with renewable or alternative sources. The difficulty is that Russia's evil hides well, so that even well-intentioned individuals miss the point that the horrible past continues to this day. Effective information operations are required to counter its effective propaganda. A case could be made that its military tampering such as in Africa can be substituted with ethical and open source peacekeepers for hire, with novel insitutions that do not exist yet. By removing arms profiteering and empowering other countries with OSE-style 1000 acre campuses, peace can be had worldwide. Ethical agents in the civilized world need to educate themselves, gain tactical skills and, grow a pair - such that these new international institutions can be created. Free of geopolitical compromise, but replaced with collaborative, open innovation backed by the ability to produce an On-Demand Military over a weekend via open collaboration between many members.
  • North Korea - buildup of its military is its only hope for survival, but when North Korea opens up, things can change. Read this -