Global Problemsolving Method

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  • Expertise - Twitter
  • Forum - builds from Community Member, to Developer, Leader, Master, open source Ecologist, and on to ? Community. Even community requires commit to values and background reading, perhaps a quiz. - must perform to stay. Must get a score, if not- gets ousted. Contributor. Buy in literally, get a sticker (auto fulfill).Etc for swag. Contributors are cash, knowhow, design. Across all sectors. Must publish openly, no attribution required. No attribution allows for true giving? Explore this. Developer - wiki access, passes the wiki test. We set higher standards here for global Collab, settings ng bar higher for unpaid work. Leader - takes on leadership within mission of Solving pressing World Issues. Master, Extreme, Integrator etc - learned Art of Possibility. Interdisciplinarian. One who has learned Collaborative Literacy and can apply it to Swarm Builds. Open Source Ecologist - movement entrepreneur capable of starting new countries or Network States. Can design, build, calculate, operate at the Production Levels below.
  • Funding - large scalable biz such as SEH
  • OSE campus seed after Wiki selection process. Follows Network State concept.
  • People are educated to Worldsaver as the norm job, getting the world rid of evil.
  • Production Levels Required - a movement entrepreneur runs parallel branches under OSE certification for collaboration and openness according to the principles of Distributed Market Substitution. Runs at least 1000 acres of production to solve pressing world issues (wields 10% energy or 50 MW solar input (50,000 kg steel per hour). 50 ton per hour or 5000 ton in 100 hours (16 days). Only need about 1000 tons (20 tanks, 50 TEU containers) or 20 hr of production, so that over a weekend we can prepare remedies for war as needed. Need continuous bulk casting - not die-based but poured into bulk forms.