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On-Demand Production for Militaries'

Open source military core with on-demand fabrication for on-demand militaries, up to fighter jets produced over a weekend. Using a common core of modular, dual-use technologies. This is readily doable for various modules (sensor, radar, explosives, CNC, modular vehicle bases)> This allows economies to thrive, while allowing ready access to security - on demand - with just in time Extreme Manufacturing. The outcome of this is spinoffs of peaceful technology, on the assumption that 'distribution' trumps 'area of endeavor'. Ie, distributed production causes more good than harm.


What prevents an evil agent from hiring this military? You spend $100B - kick ass. First, the block is putting up all the money. Second, in a transparent world - sales prevention is applied. Given that the edufactories of the Global Problemsolving Method have an ethical charter, they do not sell to scumbags. What prevents the evil dictator from investing in such open source manufacturing? It's on a different wavelength, as the protocols of open will be more efficient than proprietary methods, as shall be demonstrated with the world's first case of DMS within the next decade (written 2023)

Otherwise, means for terrorism already exist. Adding advanced edufactories could only help divert from terrorism to peaceful use, because it is not likely that individuals will go through all the effort just to create destruction. That could be wishful thinking.