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Historically the wiki has been a mess. Different machines set up in different ways, info that's hard to find, etc.

In Oct, 2013, we established a template for how to organize the wiki pages for each machine. This template was developed to meet the following requirements:

  • One central "home page" for each machine.
  • Multiple versions of machines.
  • Working on a new version of a machine shouldn't interfere with people wanting to use docs for previous version(s).
  • Parallel development of machine modules.
  • Parallel building of machine modules.

Many old machines are still a mish mash. When we start new versions of them, please take a few minutes to split the general info from the version-specific info and restructure them like shown here.

This page should probably be better integrated with Documentation Standards, but the author of this page, Dan Benamy, doesn't understand that one and is afraid to mess up what Marcin's trying to do with it.


The overall structure for accessing GVCS machines from the wiki is to start at the GVCS Index, GVCS, which lists and links to all the machines.

Each of those links goes to the overall machine page which has general info about the machine and links to all versions of the machine. Eg: Ironworker

Each version of the machine has a main page with the status, development resources, build instructions, and user manuals for that version. Eg: Ironworker_3. Anything having to do with a version should be on a page "within" the version using a slash. This makes certain automatic wiki links work properly.

  • GOOD: Ironworker_3/Research_Development
  • BAD: Ironworker_Research_Development_3

Page Templates

When you create a new page, copy and paste the relevant template from here to the new page and replace the "TODO"s with the info specific to that page.

Overall Machine

(don't put the GVCS header on this page)

[[Image:TODO Some Machine.jpg|thumb|360px|A nice caption.]]


==Version 3==
TODO [[Some Machine 3]].

==Version 2==
TODO [[Some Machine 2]].

==Version 1==
TODO [[Some Machine 1]].


=Product Ecology=

=See Also=

{{GVCS Footer}}

Version Main Page (or whatever version):

{{GVCS Header}}

The is the main page for version TODO of the [[TODO Some Machine]]. See that page for general info and how it fits into the GVCS.


TODO The first line of the status should be one of the following things:

1. '''This is the development version.''' If you're helping with development, or would like to, this is the version you want. See the "Research and Development" link above for details.
2. '''This is the stable version.''' If you want to build a SOME MACHINE that works, you should use this version.
3. '''This is an old version.''' There are newer and improved version of the [[Some Machine]].
4. '''This is a placeholder for a future version''' so we can start collecting notes about it.

TODO Then there can be more detail. Eg: Version 3 was started in early 2013 and then put on hold. It's being revived in Oct 2013.

(don't put a GVCS footer on this page)

Version R&D (or whatever version):

There's some disagreement on how to do development boards. Marcin wants a separate board for each module. Dan Benamy and other's argue that this doesn't make sense. You make have to adjust this page depending on how it's done.

{{GVCS Header}}

=Development Board=
TODO Update the embed and edit links:
<html><iframe width=80% height='500' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe></html>

[ edit]

(You can use the above code for the embed and edit link by going to the development board, copying the "key" part of the url, and pasting it in the above urls.)

(no GVCS footer)

Version Bill of Materials (or whatever version):

{{GVCS Header}}

TODO Generated BOM goes here.
(no GVCS footer)

Version Manufacturing Instructions (or whatever version):

{{GVCS Header}}

=Guides on Dozuki=

==TODO Some Module==


TODO go to the guide on dozuki, get the embed link, remove the "<a href...></a>" and put the embed code instead of this:
<script type="text/javascript"


TODO Replace this link with the regular link to the dozuki guide:
[ Open Full Screen]

==TODO Another Module==

==TODO A Third Module==

==Overall Assembly==

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