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Ironworker 3
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The is the main page for version 3 of the Ironworker. See that page for general info and how it fits into the GVCS.

Development Template

Ironworker 3
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Short description
Product Ecology What other GVCS tools does this use?
License OSHWA and OSI compliant. CC-BY-SA-4.0 International, GPLv3, DIN SPEC 3105.
Module 1 Describe features of Module 1
Module 2 Describe features of Module 2
Key Specification Key spec data point
Construction Describe basic construction technique and materials
Productivity Describe how this relates to industrial productivity on a small scale
Completion Status
Describe whether built, prototyped, etc. Link to relevant Genealogy and Status of Completion.
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Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition Ironworker 3 Requirements + Value Proposition 0
2 Industry_Standards Ironworker 3 Industry Standards 0
3 Conceptual Design Ironworker 3 Conceptual Design 0
4 Module Breakdown Ironworker 3 Module Breakdown 0
5 Design Guide Ironworker 3 Design Guide 0
6 3D CAD Ironworker 3 3D CAD 0
7 Calculations Ironworker 3 Calculations 0
8 Electronics Design Ironworker 3 Electronics Design 0
9 Wiring and Plumbing Ironworker 3 Wiring and Plumbing 0
10 Software Ironworker 3 Software 0
11 BOM Ironworker 3 BOM 0
12 vBOM Ironworker 3 vBOM 0
13 CAM Files Ironworker 3 CAM Files 0
14 Cut List Ironworker 3 Cut List 0
15 Build Instructions Ironworker 3 Build Instructions 0
16 Fabrication Drawings Ironworker 3 Fabrication Drawings 0
17 Exploded Part Diagram Ironworker 3 Exploded Part Diagram 0
18 Production Engineering Ironworker 3 Production Engineering 0
19 Build Pictures and Video Ironworker 3 Build Pictures and Video 0
20 Data Collection Ironworker 3 Data Collection 0
21 Future Work Ironworker 3 Future Work 0
22 Troubleshooting and Repair Ironworker 3 Troubleshooting and Repair 0


As of Oct 2013, we're finishing version 3. See the Research and development link above.

As of Feb 2020 - this is the existing documentation -

Build - 2013

Getting the Blade Gap Correct

Blade gap problem statement:


Realtime Documentation Workflow - Proof of Concept

5 Hour Assembly Time Total 'From Kit'

2.5 hours to assemble, up to the midway point of operating machine.

First Cut

Blade Gap Not Right

When the blade gap is not right, the machine does not cut and just stalls -

Cut Samples of 1/2"x12" Steel and 1"x4" Steel

Showing 1/2"x12" cut - good results. Some excessive blade gap visible with the 1/2"x8" cut. Showing 1"x4" cut - nice. Next moving to 1"x6".

1"x8" cut


Bending of the frame is visible at 1"x6" steel cutting- but that is using 4" square tubing with 1/4" wall. So we decided to go to 1/2" wall tubing to cut 1"x6" steel and higher. The results with 1"x8" above are actually after the frame was redone from 1/4" to 1/2".

At the end of the day, we went up to 1"x8" (caught in above videos), and then we continued. I can't remember if we got up to 1" by 10" or 12"- but at the end, the upper arm bent so we ended up taking the machine up to destructive testing. We did not use the Prototype 3 machine after that, because our Prototype 2 machine works better with a streamlined workpiece holder clampdown. We have succeeded in a proof of concept that a radically simplified design can be effective.

The remarkable part is that the machine is nominally a 2 part count design: tubing and bolts! Which shows the limit of simplicity for a powerful machine which still maintains a proper blade gap. You can see our playlist here -