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  • A Device Similar to a Heat Pump , but for Humidity
  • Uses barely any powered componets, and just needs a heating source for hot "regenerating air"
  • Could be used in a pulse system, or with 2+ modules for continous flow (Similar to Pressure Swing Adsorbtion )
  • This design is for a solid, regenrable dessicant (most likely Silica Gel ), although an adaptation for a Liquid Dessicant is possible

Basic Design


Controlled Side Unit

  • Similar to a window mounted ac unit in form factor (unless if used as an embedded componet in a larger system
  • Screen for Humidity Set Level, and Current Level Info
  • Air in/out
  • Optional Distilled Water Collection and/or Piping

Dessicant Bed

  • Can be any sort of Packed Bed
  • Most likely a packed box, or pipe of some sort
  • Ports for:
  • Air In (Regenerating, and Process Air)
  • Air Out (Dried Air, and Ultra Humid, Hot Air)

Switching Units

  • One on each side
  • Will standard solenoid valves work?

Blower Unit

  • Will cpu fans work/
  • Need to do math on m^3/sec to %humidity removed and make some calculator (useful for design, and control code)

Optional Water Recovery

  • As the "regenerator air" 's output will be heated, (near) saturated humidity air, it can be cooled (to ambient, or below), to extract Distilled Water for little energy
  • Would require heat exchangers at least (a water tank, or air, and a heat exchanger/radiator for cooling may work for passive cooling, active can be any of those systems)

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