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  • Totota is going ICE:


Hydrogen internal combustion engine - good overview paper comparing ICE, hydrogen ICE, and fuel cell vehicles.


One remarkable learning is that the hydrogen ICE is 40% efficient, while a fuel cell is 50% efficient - only 25% better - making the case for hydrogen ICE strong based on price and immediate possibility.

Industry Standards

  • Aquarius Engines - https://interestingengineering.com/tiny-22-lb-hydrogen-engine-may-replace-the-traditional-combustion-engine. MJ comment - Nice! Exactly. Looks like it's linear hydrogen ICE dynamo  with built in magnets around center so this thing appears to put out electricity instead of crank motion. That is how you get the super simplest, electrically controlled engine.  I would do this exactly, or a hydraulic engine which outputs high pressure fluid for hydraulics since that is more interesting for universal applications whereas electric is 10x more expensive for heavy machines. The sweet thing is that a simple reciprocator is a pump, or a linear dynamo. Both are challenging but very doable, not the realm of rocket science. So this, when it works, is the kernel of a hydrogen economy. I would not go with crankshafts and circular motion to simplify design, as the Aquarius engine shows.

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