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  • Given that it's formula is C2H6O, each molecule contains 6 Hydrogen Atoms, although at STP it is a diatom
  • Given that it is more easily stored (it is similar to Propane it only requires moderate pressure (~75 PSI + ) to liquify
    • "Propane is stored onboard a vehicle in a tank pressurized to about 150 pounds per square inch"
  • "Most current applications use high-pressure tanks capable of storing hydrogen at either 5,000 or 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi). For example, the FCEVs in production by automotive manufacturers and available at dealerships have 10,000 psi tanks"
  • So from an appropriate materials standpoint (for tanks) it makes sense
  • Also if it is used as a Diesel Fuel replacement, it could be converted to hydrogen for usage in Fuel Cell APUs etc
  • It could also allow for shipment/storage of hydrogen in a similar manner to Propane

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