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Time Log

March 2020

Short to mid term goals

  1. Establish Manawatu OSE Club in partnership with Massey University as the genesis for OSE Aotearoa (New Zealand) National Chapter.
  2. Develop easy to follow D3D Universal build instructions
  3. Promote more Microfactory STEAM Camps in Aotearoa

Todo's (Macro)

  1. Prepare 4 hour onboarding webinar series for college students. See one hour from Collaborative Literacy of 2020.
  2. Refine National Chapters of OSE
  3. Reach out to other Universities and high schools in New Zealand

Todo's (Micro)

  1. Research existing build instruction formats (eg. Lego, IKEA)
  2. Source NZ parts, and print all parts ready to build and document 2nd D3D Universal Printer
  3. Select a date for event which invites high school students to Massey

Thur Mar 26:

New Zealand enters Alert Level 4 requiring nationwide mandatory lockdown.
Minimum 4 week isolation, starting today.
NZ's current Alert Level
Covid-19 Alert Levels Table

Thur Mar 19:

The 3-Step Method To Explain A Product (The Apple Way)
IKEA BRIMNES TV Bench Build Instructions
LEGO R2D2 Build Instructions

Wed Mar 18:

Meeting with Morio and Marcin on OSE Chapters. Emerging strategy:

  1. University outreach is interested in recruiting high school students.
  2. Chapters organize as a student organization with their university, and apply for funding from their respective student organizations office - for buiding a basic microfactory for prototyping
  3. University provides meeting space and facilities
  4. Kickoff event is a 2 day intro event - building 3D printers and learning FreeCAD design. Event invites OSE University Chapter leadership (faculty advisor, pair of student leaders) - and a number of local high schools.
    1. Student leaders organize OSE Chapter at the university prior to Kickoff, ideally, and apply for open source microfactory funding such that the kickoff is fruitful for high school students.
  5. University chapter runs ongoing Design Sprints, and 2x per year High School Hackathons, achieving outreach goals of university
    1. Faculty advisor leverages the collaboration for producing meaningful research results, on an existing applied project of interest - so that the faculty advisor can synergize via their existing effort. Here it is a Farm Rover - part of the Tractor Construction Set - a platform for building human-controlled and autonomous tractors from 1 kW to 400kW in size.
  6. National Coordinator for respective country facilitates publicity and marketing for kickoff event
  7. University OSE Chapter can be formed with intent of long term relationship with OSE
  8. University chapters run ongoing Design Sprints and annual hackathon
  9. Chapters participate to annual Incentive Challenge
  10. All chapters worldwide work on the same project, with collaboration ecology that includes hundreds of roles and thousands of contributors, to accelerate innovation to higher effectiveness than corporate R&D - via open collaboration under Open Source-Compliant hardware and software licenses