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Important questions are those questions whose answers help move humanity forward in democractic progress and prosperity. Some of these questions can be simply, 'Who is the best organization or effort working on...' as a means to amplify those efforts. An important question is 'working on what?' We can prioritize areas of human endeavor in relation to the current zeitgeist. Such as decolonizing Russia in 2023, because most other parts of this world have been decolonized in the traditional imperialist sense, while this large elephant still sits in the room.

To create important questions, think of something that would improve everyone's life, ask that question in an actionable way, and begin working on it as a movement entrepreneur or open source ecologist.

Initial Thoughts

Inspired by Richard Hamming's Talk on Doing First-Class Work, I thought, what are the important questions that I would like to provide tangible answers to in my lifetime? These are less scientific, but more social - questions. They are integrated systems thinking questions. The first one that comes to mind is How do we shift the paradigm of the economic system from proprietary to collaborative? From this stem derivative questions, like, What would the world look like if people had the courage to - truly - collaborate?. And, Can society transition to a higher plain of existence - away from consumerism - and into full self-determination - where there are many more powerful, enlightened people who are more close to our genius, expert generalist selves? Or, What would the world look like if more people achieve their true potential, when the duty of making a living is lifted by the appropriate use of technology that allows everyone to live easier lives and thereby prosper? Or, Are we for ever doomed to a proprietary development, competitive waste, wartime economy - accompanied by destruction of people and the environment as we continue with a mindset of scarcity?

Or: How do we solve problems faster than they are created? How do we upgrade humanity towards replicable creation of genius solutions?


  1. Are humans educable to a level where each individual can think critically to avoid authoritarian tendencies, or will humans always remain manipulable by evil leaders? Ie, will evil always exist (in a dangerous proportion), or can it be educated out of the general populace? Of course it can. The big question is: how do we do it? OSE has a clear proposition - the OSE Fellowship.

What is the Specification of Public-Interest Manufacturing Transformer Organization