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Creative Brief

Analysis of Industry Standards

See HeroX Challenge Analysis of Creative Briefs

Work in Progress

  • Audience - Collaborators to create the next economy. Even if they don't see that, evolve them to see it so we can evolve to freedom
  • USP - build your world, not consume
  • Be part ofso a movement - creating open enterprise as the most effective and just way to create the economy
  • Do this
  • Product Message: YOU can build your world
  • USP, CTA
  • Devising the Creative Strategy - [1]


  • Collaborate with supply chain - get China COTS - and visit factories down to the batteries and materials from scratch, down to the mines from which the materials come. This will be a reality check on the transparency of the Cordless Drill which will influence our operations
  • COTS is ok as long as we are clear about import substitution for the purpose of ecological closed loop cycles and lifetime design (100x improvement in doing business).



Based on Zachman Framework.