Incentive Challenges

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What is it?

An incentive challenge is a contest where people collaborate so solve a problem. Unlike standard challenges such as HeroX or X-Prize or Solving for X - the OSE challenge is collaborative. Teams in the OSE version are required to collaborate, not compete.


  • Design with marketing of both the crowd funding and crowd design aspects
  • Leverage open source hardware stalwarts
  • Leverage media contacts - Dr pearce, obi board
  • FreeCAD only. Persistence developed.
  • Basic Dev Template included
  • Fund incentive prizes via OSE workshops, at given percentage of budget
  • Files stored on public repo like GitHub
  • License is open
  • You are allowed to borrow from others, but must show significant contribution of your own.
  • Judging: by burndown, time log, OSE Linux is recommended - it has all software, OS hardware. Non OS is disqualified. Must be legacy v16 of FreeCAD.

Incentive Challenges

  • World Economic Forum - Uplink - [1]