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This is a list of independent OSE Efforts.

Explanation: We encourage that the OSE message be spread far and wide as the third economic paradigm. To this end, we do not restrict anybody from using the OSE name as long as they are following the OSE Paradigm. Others are welcome to use the official OSE name or official logo in branding their work or group as an independent OSE effort, without explicit permission, if they are an individual, group, or organization. Independent OSE Efforts are intended to promote that work of OSE, while not demanding that any resources on the part of OSE International.

To be an independent OSE effort in good standing – the effort may be one or more of the following:

  • A user of GVCS technologies
  • Doing outreach about the OSE Paradigm
  • Developer or prototyper of GVCS technologies
  • Engaging in the development of any other, non-GVCS technologies while publishing designs and open business models. We believe in open everything, and the wiki is infinitely expandable. We recommend that you publish on the OSE Wiki for recognition

While others are allowed to use the GVCS designs for profit - they are not allowed to use the official OSE logo to brand their products. They are welcome to sell products under their own label. If one wants to sell products under the official OSE/GVCS label, then one is required to become a certified OSE/GVCS producer.


OSE Europe is the European OSE Network. See the wiki page to check for all countries involved.


An OSE Community in Germany is forming.


An OSE Community in Spain is forming.


An OSE Community in Greece is forming.


Small-Scale VAWT


  • Triloboat - Open Source multi-purpose easy to build barge/scow hull for sail and/or power.