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Add Piwik for open source Analytics.

Add embeddable social media posts.

Difference between social media, upvotable forum, stack overflow q&a, Disqus, Twitter feed, etc? Can we embed a hashtag thread of Twitter? Embed video playlists and picture albums.

Integrating seminal books with a shopping cart, we can collaborate with various booksellers.


See example from D3D_v20.04.27 on the right. To use this, use Template:Infobox:

D3D v20.04.27 Development
Example alt text
OSE's D3D 3D printer, with 18" print bed.
Product Ecology Uses 8 mm Universal Axis
License OSHWA and OSI compliant
Extruder Universal Gearless Extruder with Supervolcano Heater Block
Heat Bed Insulated, 1800W
Print Volume 18"x18"x18"
Construction Steel with 3D printed Angle Frame Connector
Extrusion Rate Up to 20 lb/day
Completion Status
Build in progress. See 3D Printer Genealogy.
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