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Versions of 3D Printers built by OSE

  • D3D Universal v20.07. The first major revision of Universal. 3D printed base to streamline design and locate mounting points. One-piece Universal Axis components. Has Extruder files ported from D3D Universal, so see earlier versions there.
  • D3D Pro v20.07 - The first major revision of Pro. next generation, using 1-piece universal axis pieces - D3D Universal v20.07. Higher modularity, easier frame mounting, part count reduced from 46 to 26 for each Universal Axis. Note that new corner pieces are being printed at 105% compared to earlier versions.
  • D3D Universal Hamburg - D3D_Universal_With_Dual_Z_Axis_Version_0_2_0
  • D3D Universal Hamburg - D3D_Universal_With_Dual_Z_Axis_Version_0_1_0
  • D3D v20.04.27. 18" bed, 1800W heater. AKA D3D Pro 3.
  • D3D v20.04 - 12" bed, 1200W heater. AKA D3D Pro 2. Moved back to 3 wire endstops.
  • D3D Mega v19.12 - 2'x2' print bed for printing chairs, rubber tracks for tractors, foundation forms, and more. In progress.
  • D3D Universal - Milestone of an industrial-grade 1.75 mm OSE extruder design has been reached.
  • D3D v19.11 - Current production model using corners that fit 1/8"x1.5" angle metal.
  • D3D v19.06 Mega - concept only
  • D3D v19.06 - iteration prior to angle frame
  • D3D Simple - a 3 axis version with moving bed.
  • D3D v19.04 - Eco edition. Upgraded to 24V control system, silent stepper drivers, 500W heatbed for 1 minute bed heatup time, and insulated heatbed for 30%-60% lower energy consumption while printing. Added built-in GFCI electrical safety breaker as a standard feature. Uses the Titan Aero extruder.
  • D3D v19.02 - Similar to D3D v18.10 but using 12" frame, 8" print bed, and Titan Aero with Volcano nozzle. New end stops (hung on rods) optimized for space, and Y parallel optimized for automatic parallel of axes. In order to achieve larger print area with smaller frame, we introduced the overslung extruder design. Thus, the 2 main improvements are overslung extruder and auto-parallel on the y axis.Future work: rubber-optimized extruder at low cost using D3D Mill for aluminum milling. See Y Axis Auto-parallel.
  • D3D @ Fontys Sittard - Netherlands
  • D3D_Mini_PVC - 2019 February current work on a smaller, low-cost version. Optimization goal for fast, high quality printing via frame stabilization.
  • D3D v18.12 - new omnidirectional fan shroud from Lulzbot Mini 2. OSE build in January, and replicated Feb 2019 at Highland Community College.
  • D3D v18.11 - 12" bed version.
  • D3D v18.10 - (renamed from D3D v18.09.2 for simplicity). Uses Titan Aero. Full Product Release as in our official current D3D Manaul v18.10 - the 3D Printer Manual
  • D3D 18.10.1 - 2' print bed, one day build prototype - bed lift capacity was not there. Next time - to use 1" universal axis for robustness.
  • D3D v18.09.1 - back to Titan Aero
  • D3D v18.09 - Remove Magnets, Use JB Weld + Plastic Bearings
  • D3D v18.08 - Main Trunk Continued
  • D3D v18.07 - Main trunk. 8" bed.
  • D3D v18.06.21 - Oregon Build. Main trunk, 8" bed.
  • D3D v18.06.12 - Ruslan in Hamburg - fork with aluminum frame.
  • D3D v18.06 - Lawrence Build. Main trunk, 8" version.
  • D3D v18.04 - PVC pipe, 8" bed
  • D3D_Ohio_v18.02 - PVC pipe 12" bed
  • D3D v18.01 - 12" bed, steel frame
  • D3D Saudi Arabia
  • D3D Australia - by German log
  • D3D Hamburg - Babasile Daniel
  • D3D Germany - Oliver
  • D3D - builds started in 2017 - using the Universal Axis system. Open Source Ecology headquarters.
  • Folgertech Prusa i3 - 2016; deprecated, entry level model for quick learning; not high on OSE Spec of modularity + scalability.
  • Kittaz - 2014

Change Log

  • As of 12/3/18 v18.10 - known bugs are: positive bump endstop holder does not fit around motor just by 1 mm, whereas magnets worked before as they had play. Print Cooling Fan: needs nozzle optimization. X axis mounting: needs procedure optimization for axis tightness. Print area: using 2016 extruder holder eats up bed space; need to optimize bed space. Print volume: optimize extruder mounting to access 3" of additional vertical space with horizontal X axis mounting. Needs: 3D Printer Workbench Specification. End cable chain: needs bigger hole. Fan mount: thinner + 100% print

Production Engineering Improvements

  • Idler detail - nut catcher cleaning + half circle cleaning
  • Carriage - half circle cleaning
  • Motor - hole cleaning, nut catcher cleaning
  • Endstops - get rid of them via trinamic or modify bump version
  • Spool holder - hole fit
  • Sensor holder - sensor fit


HintLightbulb.png Hint: Note that to design new versions of the 3D printer, you want to use small, simple files. We have ones ~20k for each axis.

  • Note that D3D_Part_Library#Assembly_Index contains the simplified assemblies. These are to be used any time that a new version of the 3D printer is to be designed from scratch.
  • Simplified axis files - X, Y, Z - the smallest ones today are also used on the D3D CNC Circuit Mill
  • D3D Integration has files that are on the order of 5MB and 1MB for each axis. Still too large for prototyping.
  • D3D