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  1. Open Source Ecology Main Site
  2. Open Building Institute
  3. Join the OSE Workshops FB Group
  4. Open Source Ecology - Germany
  5. Blog
  6. YouTube Channel
  7. Vimeo Channel
  8. Follow OSE on Twitter
  9. Request a workshop to be held in a location near you - [1]


  1. Participate in our workshops and programs
  2. We're hiring - Join us as an instructor 2020 (old link) in our STEAM Camps, or apply to be an Event Planner
  3. Be part of our Tech Team: become an OSE_Developer
  4. Sign up for our monthly newsletter, OSEmail
  5. Create a Wiki Account

Build Community

  1. OSE Meetups - start a meetup in your town and work towards completion of the Global Village Construction Set by developing derivative products that lead to the Open Source Economy.
  2. OSE_Clubs Collaboration - Start an OSE Club - Get students involved in large-scale collaboration by turning class time into global collaboration time. See
  3. Global_Classroom_Initiative - turn your classroom into a hotspot of global collaboration.
  4. OSE_Chapters_at_Universities - begin developing the open source economy while you are in college
  5. OSE_National_Chapters - regional and national chapters
  6. OSE_Incentive_Challenge - annual grand event
  7. Do you know any Subject Matter Experts who could help provide expertise? Help us with our SME Search.


  1. Buy our products. 100% of our proceeds go to a nonprofit cause to change the world.
  2. Sign up for our workshops. Get exposed to Extreme Manufacturing swarm-based builds.
  3. Subscribe to support this work financially as a True Fan
  4. Donate to OSE. We are a 501(c)3 education organization.