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Project Core Team

  • Inga Boehm (confirmed) project maintainer
  • Dustin Tusnovics, coordinating architect (confirmed)
  • Michaela Hummler (confirmed)
  • Marcin Jakubowski (confirmed)
  • Franz Nahrada (confirmed)

Project Participants


  • Florence Holzner und Reinhold Theiss (invited)
  • Vinay Gupta (invited)
  • Peter Thomas (Berlin) (invited)


  • Sam Rose (invited)
  • Steve Bosserman (invited)
  • Joseph Smyth (Cottonwood AZ) (invited)
  • Tony S. Gwilliam (Tony's T-Houses, Bali) (invited)


  • Francis Kere, arch domes architect from Burkina Faso (invited)

Brainstorming - People Introduction

in German

I suggest doing a similar group and forum on Transition US - Franz