Inga's House Biofilter Specifications

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Site under construction


See Inga's House/DesignSpecifications for general design.


  • Handles black/greywater from Inga's house
  • One possible solution is a closed-loop water system featuring the biofilter, where water is pumped back for flushing
  • We may use natural rainwater runoff to fill the biofilter system initially
  • System should be designed first according to OSE Specifications
  • It should be modular, so that other houses can alse feed into it/from it
  • It should generate flushing water, and possibly have a final filtering option for getting potable water/shower water
  • It should be low cost
  • It should be low maintenance
  • It should have low energy input requirement (pumping)
  • It should be ecological and regenerative, such as creating habitat, possibly human use
  • It should be consistent with Inga's House Site Analysis

Possible Treatment Methods

As those are the least costly, maitenance needing and lowest energy versions for the smallest amount

1)laundry to mulch basin system ( open source franchise


2)Branched drain gray water system for the rest(

Advanced Flow Splitter DIY


Possible problem: deficient soil absorption maximum in rain season 3)vertical soil filter system


construction plans for different wastewater disposal possibilities: