Initial Entrepreneur Track Invitation

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Hi Dionicio,

I suggest that we train one of your people to run the enterprise for building our modular housing. Program cost is $25k for a 6 month immersion.

Our goal is to solve housing. We are beginning the 6 month immersion program for entrepreneurs next year. This includes 3-4 weeks on site, and 5 months remote, tailored to the individual's needs - where we teach our entire build system. This can include machine building (tractor, helical pier auger) to facilitate equipment depending on the skill level of the entrepreneur. There are more rough notes on the 6 month program at - - it's under refinement.  We provide 10 leads to each entrepreneur after the program, each for a $5k Build Facilitator fee, so they have a guaranteed $50k revenue after they graduate and start assisting owner builders (OBs). 

Our program involves teaching OBs and training them to build a full 1000 sf house (includes all utilities) for $50k. They prepare modules on weekends, then they spend one week with a friend building the house from the modules. The $50k includes a $10k service fee to OSE which includes OB hands-on build training. We pay our entrepreneurs $5k for guiding each OB the rest of the way in the build - house customization, drop ship of materials, and any assistance they need to complete their build. It's a Bring Your Own Land model - land is not included in the $50k. 

The skill set gained is applicable to any modular build, from 256 sf and up. We estimate the labor, if outsourced, to be $10k on top of materials, for the simplest, 1000 sf model. We are getting specific  build data in the next 4 months. Thus you can apply this to expand your existing enterprises or start new ones as you mention.

Does this sound interesting to you?