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To be taken up by Ian Midgley

  1. Fabrication o of sensor units for CEB press from raw components to encapsulated sensor
  2. Fabrication steps for soil loading drawer
  3. Edit of assembly procedure for entire frame, starting from components
  4. Building hopper shaker assembly
  5. Building of hopper superstructure and connection to frame
  6. Asembly and function of cylinder ajusters: forward, side to side, and drawer adjusters
  7. Documentation of CEB machine dimensions, piece by piece
  8. Hydrauilics hookup and operation procedure
  9. Brick pressing sequence explanation
  10. Sawmill: operation procedures from existing footage
  11. Tractor: wheel attachment procedure
  12. Tractor: loader mounting procedure
  13. Power Cube: overall assembly procedure starting from raw parts
  14. Soil pulverizer: overall assembly procedure
  15. Power Cube: wiring walkthrough
  16. CEB press: field operating procedure from setup to bricks pressed

To be Taken up by William Neal

The following steps were finished during my DPV an would therefore be best for me to finish.

  1. Assembly of the electronics box for the CEB
  2. Soil loading Drawer Fabrication instructions
  3. Frame assembly instructions
  4. Preparation of the Main Xylinder

Rebecca Rojer

Taken up by Howard Agnew as of September 2011

The following steps have been started before visiting FeF.

  1. Compile available information on building the CEB Press into an OpenOffice document
  2. Confirm CAD diagrams are up to date
  3. Update CAD diagrams in Sketchup where necessary
  4. Confirm manufacturing instructions for each part, assembly, programming and testing are up to date
  5. Check completed draft with current CEB builders to ensure drawings and instructions are up to date
  6. Check completed draft with Documentation peers for review, spit and polish grammar, spelling, formatting, font choices, etc.
  7. PUBLISH final draft as .PDF so anyone can download, print and build their own CEB Press!!!

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