Integrated Education

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Education of the Future

Education which combines academic theory building things and applying sustained effort to local and global transformation. As contrasted with mainstream education designed to continue the same system as in the late 20th century. The goal is to provide a self-reinforcing, multimodal, rapid learning-with-a-purpose applied to solving pressing world issues by eradicating artificial scarcity of timeless, productive knowhow. However, the key aspect of integrated education is deep purpose - the ethics of win-win situations which leave nobody behind - through the art of possibility. This ethic is based on collaborative design that yields sound, inclusive, democratic institutions that resolve outstanding issues of classism, authoritarianism, over-specialization, and other behaviors that distort a level playing field. Such an education revolves around cultivating individuals who are undergoing constant learning and transformation, psychosocial integratio - as a route to personal amd political transformation.


How do you implement the above? That is expressed in operations.