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Concept and Tracks

  • Application for everyone includes a practical and theoretical exercise. Ship me a module, and tell me how you see the world and your role in it in terms of contributing to society. This sets the stage for transformative interests with long-term vision.
  • Design track - you focus on learning the CAD skills and programming skills to develop design software evolutions for supporting the Seed Eco-Home and all other builds.
  • Global Village Builder Apprenticeship Track 1: 6 hours of work, 2 hours of study daily. Friday is school day. School is 1 hr class per day. To 3 hours of study. Friday is 2 hours of class - focus on culture. 6 hours study. 6+6+6+6.
    • 6 hours of class time, 18 hours study, 24 hours work. 48 hours total. Weekends off.
  • Movement Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship Track 2: 4 hrs work, 4 hrs study daily. Friday class.
  • Enterprise track: as soon as Build Mastery is obtained.
  • Builder Track: 4x10 week. Plain workers. You can graduate to other tracks, you must have basic skills. Friday culture class, by invitation only. You have to earn your place.
  • Apprentices and builders work together. Apprentices leave work early.
  • Pay for apprentices - starts after basic competency is gained, at any time. Based on minimum performance data. Builder track - pay is also based on performance (built time tests).
  • Extensive battery of testing exists for every task.
  • School is build theory/practice - studying each module every day.
  • Teaching assistants - get paid to teach as soon as they score high on exams. Applies to builders and apprentices.
  • Apprentices and builders are both encouraged into teaching track.
  • Enterprise track after build mastery involves hands-on, otherwise the enterprise suffers from insufficient Efficiency of Integration.
    • Enterprise track is management, business model development, final project being 3 replications economic prototypes, after which final projects would be new products. We hire our entrepreneurs - either into management positions such as swarm builds, or into starting operations in other key locations - which promote distribution of OSE Campuses towards a parallel economy.

General Operations

  • Education involves several tracks, each of which carries its own responsibilies, requirements, and cost structure.
  • Brute force builder, CAD design guide, entrepreneur, and Level 6 Leader. These are 4 specific tracks, but there is no glass ceiling in any, and anyone can expand or grow up to 240 campuses with their higher self sister cities - bringing this to about 500 campuses worldwide in 20 years.

Documentation to Design

  • All team members gain fluidity in Time-Binding by gaining fluency in realtime documentation. OSE core is a Learning Organization, and this requires the Discipline of documentation.
  • We do not move further until everyone is able to work as a team on realtime editable docs. A work Log, Google slides, spreadsheets, online pictures folder, time lapse camera with external battery, screen capture, cell phone pix. Diagrams. FreeCAD tech drawings.
  • Once the team gets documentation, we move on to design.
  • Requirements, concept, CAD, BOM, Build. Then right into Design Guides for everything.

Duties - Apprentices

  • Make cheatsheets in open editable docs
  • Surf the CAD files
  • Document changes, designs
  • Create technical drawings
  • Keep Work Log
  • Generate documentation
    • Cheatsheets
    • Diagrams
    • Design Rationales
    • Picture record
    • Time log including time stamps on photos
    • Your Scorecard (time and time improvement. Start + at least 1 data point monthly.
    • Generate design guides. Understand that you have something to teach to those who have never done this.
    • Calculatins: weight, cost, speed, performance.

Duties - Builders

  • 40 hrs
  • Upgrade to design and enterprise tracks when you are ready.
  • Building is your boot camp.
  • End state is OSE movement entrepreneurship (full time work on solving pressing world issues)

4-8 Years

  • Design any house
  • Design any machine
  • 4 years - starting at $72k pending documented competency, pay based on responsibilities
  • 6 years - starting at $100k pending documented competency, pay based on responsibilities
  • 8 years - Movement entrepreneurship. Campus replication. $150k and up.

Expectations for the 4 Year Program

  • Expected outcome is fluency in OSE Culture (Open Collaborative Excellence) and Design Principles. Ability to design and build just about anything.
  • Intent is working with OSE full time. Advanced students can get up to management go run their own crew. Worst case is financial security. Best case is continuing to change the world and becoming a world class producer, ideally with OSE. We are not looking for people who want to learn our techniques and then not collaborate if they go off on their own. This requires Level 5 Thinking.
  • First year Survey of Everything centers on culture. Work time centers on experience. Study time centers on cultivating technical skills. Meditation time centers on Art of Possibility as a means to transcent a scarcity mindset. Inspiration and perspiration are required for transcendence - building character through challenges.
    • The Golden Triangle of OSE (not the Iron Triangle) is Culture-Character-Execution.
      • Culture centers on the art of possibility beyond scarcity mindsets
      • Character refers to hard work - cultivation of grit for robust choices of success
      • Execution is the day-to-day tactical skill, and cultivating its transcendence over mainstream economics until a new norm is set - building upon core culture.
  • The focus is on gaining discipline required for excellent work
  • Routine to be developed is a combination of consistent practice that continuously improves alignment with the OSE core:
    • Morning - Big picture cultivation, continous improvement of product. Ask how you can do something better. R&D on techniques to improve a detail of Product Build Master Mindap breakdown. Example - how to bind corneres of LP smartside.
    • Build Work
      • Picture repository. Timestamped for addition before-after timing sequence. Time lapse action cam suggested, but core tool is cell phone. Ex. [1]. Set up your own, contribute to a collaborative one.
      • Data Collection - Data collection writing down step and time and learnings. Every person keeps their own - spreadsheet or wiki.
      • Product Build Master Mindmap or build procedure - contribute to it. Example of 'mindmap' - Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown
      • Time log - keep it going.
    • Class time - 1 hr class to 3 hr study ratio is expected. These are the technical execution skills, on top of the build skills which provide the baseline experience required for excellence