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About - Towards Integrated Intelligence Measurement

Integrated intelligence is an intelligence combining intellectual, moral, emotional, and other intelligences. Its practical outcome is a rich and fulfilling life on earth in harmony with oneself (and thus with others) and in harmony with natural life support systems. There are many aspects of such integrated intelligence.

Specific non-rational knowledge is key:

The above can fuel:

  • Purpose - doing something greater than oneself. As in autonomy, mastery, and purpose of Self-Determination Theory and the Theory of Agency in Psychology
  • Agency for Learning
  • the capacity for abstraction
  • Capacity for pattern recognition
  • logic
  • understanding
  • self-awareness
  • learning - ability to learn fast
  • reading - ability to read effectively 10x better than average readers
  • reasoning
  • planning
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • practicality - street smarts, meaning including practical considerations in problemsolving - going from abstract to reality.
  • Numeracy - subset of reasoning applied to basic counting and up to quick assessment of feasibility
  • mechanisms and algorithms - understanding patterns of how things work
  • Visualization - capacity to manipulate 3D objects in one's mind
  • Orders of magnitude - understanding quantities in the large sense. Ex. How big is a grain of sand, how much does a container ship weigh, size of universe - and undersanding the magnitude readily to within factor of 10. This is essential numeracy that allows one to assess basic feasibility to free oneself of social and political manipulation.
  • Nonlinearity - understanding or exponential growth and quantum phenomena
  • Communication and thinking clarity - speaking helps one clarify their writing. Writing helps to clarify one's thinking. Logic helps to clarify one's thinking.

The standard IQ Test is strong on visual pattern recognition and basic math. We propose the Integrateed Intelligence Measurement (in addition to the others at Candidate Assessment) which adds the other elements above to the standard IQ test.