Integrated Scaling Strategy

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  • $25k vs 120k labor - 4.8x lower labor cost based on OSE Build Cost.
  • Formula: we give back 50% to the customer in added value, and 50% for the larger open source economy transition


How do you have people work in construction while working on becoming geniuses? The question to ask is - what is the ideal ratio of work to study so that a person does not get fatigued? From college experience, there are individuals such as athletes who go to class, then spend 4 hours in training. All in all, 50/50 between school and academics [1]. A 50/50 split is doable, and indeed 43% of students work a job while in college [2]. Not as easy, but doable. Ideally, the quality of the education pays for the more rigorous program.

Unique Features

  • Integrated tools vBOM, materials, CAD, procedures - rapid, integrated learning.
  • Tool manufacturing - construction tools
  • Materials Manufacturing
  • Solar concrete
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Certificates for tech schools: come up with a formula for pay scale, based on average starting salary, and value added based on their competency.
    • Pay increase is determined by carefully developed formula for how much added value we are definitely produce (see Zones of Possibility). Based on delivery of integrated Quad Modules
    • Field day: learn at home, and field day consists of building modules for us. This is their certification, according to a refined procedure.
      • Field day: we build an entire house kit from scratch.
  • Tech school certificates are earned by Culture and Performance. We do basic vetting and education for Culture of The Art of Possibility, the greatest antidote to comfortable unfreedom or authoritarianism. Skill set is what is added on top. Advertise as discipline, added skill, added responsibility. Lead with culture; increased value creation is assumed.
  • Tech school program involves 1 swarm per year. - at a geographically-centered location to guarantee a swarm.
  • 1000 Hour Curriculum is deployed as a global program for leadership training, in addition to anything that a person is doing now.
    • For 1000 True Fans and other paying supporters paying attention
    • Still involves sale prevention, in that to advance, you must certify your skills and contribute back. Using advanced simple exams and hands-on practice, with community-generated content for collaborative learning
    • OSE Forum is built around the 1000 Hour Curriculum for Global Stewards. Refer to Y Combinator, Singularity U, Fab Academy, and other mainstream programs if people have the interest.
  • Recursion-based Financing - financing innovation that comes from the Rapid Learning Facility
  • Testing via Module Submission - ultimate build skill is proven by submission of a built module. Individual investment in parts, where OSE can buy finished modules per spec. Skin in the game for paying attention, motivated by financial independence. Documentation and collaboration protocol is thus verified. Value addition can be covered based on meeting spec.