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As of July 2017, we have transitioned from an online interview to a Video Cover Letter that candidates submit via YouTube or other video sharing platform. This Video Cover Letter replaces the online interview. After the Video Cover Letter, the candidate will be asked to take the final step - the OSE Developer Test - prior to being invited to the weekly development team meetings. The steps for the Video Cover Letter are:

  1. Your first step is to start a Work Log page, _YOUR NAME_ Work Log . The key to open source work is transparency, and as such, everyone on the team is required to keep a Work Log for collaboration. Review Wiki 101 to request access to the wiki, create your Work Log, format your own Work Log with the date, and learn how to upload files, add links, and embed materials. (See Instructions - Creating New Pages subsection for instructions about how to start the work log.) Throughout the application process - please document on your Work Log if you got stuck anywhere, so that we can learn from you how we can improve our process for clarity. If you get stuck anywhere - please feel free to email us back so we can help you continue. Remember that as part of OSE organizational culture - you cannot improve things that you do not document.
  2. Use a webcam and record a video of yourself answering the 13 interview questions in the section below (Interview Questions for the Video Cover Letter). Please make sure that you are showing your face - not recording a video of the questions. This is a chance for us to find out more about your interests and goals with respect to the OSE Developer opportunity.
  3. Upload the video to YouTube or other video sharing platform
  4. Embed your Video Cover Letter on your Work Log.
  5. Fill out the form below (Interview Questions for the Video Cover Letter) with your name, email, and link to your video so that we can keep track of all applicants in one place. You don't have to answer the questions in the form - they are to be covered in your Video Cover Letter.
  6. Please email ops at to let us know that you have finished the Video Cover Letter.

Interview Questions for the Video Cover Letter


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