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All Interviews are following the Press Procedure.

Incoming Interviews

Interviews in progress

Finished Interviews

  • Marcin with Earnie Hancock - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Could the owner of this addition ID? Watching the first part, there's a guy just ranting about the new revolution, no Marcin at all.

  • Enorm Magazine, Interview between Lukas Grasberger and Nikolay July 20th, 2011.
  • Result: to be announced.

  • Leifur Thor, print interview with Ben Paynter for [1] july 12th, 2011.
  • Result: Ben was most interested in specific data as to the exact status of each of the GVCS tools. Still waiting to hear back from him.

  • Leifur Thor, print interview with Laura Sibley for Yes Magazine online version June 22, 2011.
  • Result: Laura Sibley from Yes Magazine (does online content). She primarily wanted to know the current status of the GVCS. She said she'd let me know when it was published.

  • Leifur Thor, print interview with Colleen Shaddox for Yes Magazine print version June 23, 2011.
  • Result: Colleen from Yes Magazine (does print content). She primarily wanted to know what the GVCS and OSE meant for our future. She said she'd let me know when it was published.
  • Additional re-posting of this article on these other news sites (and perhaps others I'm not aware of) -,, and

  • Thomas Gorman, Berkley USA, for News21
  • Thomas: Our team is producing a series of multimedia projects related to transformations underway in food and farming. We are in early conversations with a several national news-media outlets regarding feature video projects but if there is a good opportunity for you in the next week, I'd greatly appreciate a moment of your time to talk about the projects underway at Factor e Farm.
    • State: talked with Nikolay.

  • Lorena Colin, Mexico City, for Obras
    • Lorena: "I'm interested in publishing a text about Open Source project and the construction machinery that you've developed and what you are planing to do next. The article would appear in Obras magazine from Mexico City."
    • State:

  • Christian Grasse, Germany, for Deutschlandradio Kultur and for Breitband
    • Christian: "i am working for the german public broadcasting service Deutschlandradio Kultur (like the NPR in the US) and for our radio programme "Breitband" ( which is a weekly show on new media and digital culture, I would like you to be on the upcoming show. We would like to talk with you about your great project and the idea of the open source ecology."
    • State:

  • Noel, San Francisco, USA, for Catapult Design
    • Noel: "I admire your project, I found it through visiting BFI in New York and talking to Elizabeth Thompson (which was a bit of a pilgrimage for me). I would like to quiz you on the GVCS and write a blog about it, do you have 20minutes to talk about your project on Skype"
    • State:
      • Interview with Nikolay scheduled on 3. Mai, 20:00, GMT+2
      • Final questions to be asked will be send and a blog post review before publishing.
    • Result: Design process blown wide open by Global Village Construction Set

  • LuQman, Nigeria/France, for FAMNYC GLOBAL INC.
    • LuQman: " Today, I came across the video of Marcin Jakubowski on TED TALK. I was truly blown away by the concept of your organization. The mission of OSE speak directly to my philosophy of DIY. I'm currently working with an NGO that is base in US / West Africa. One of their primary focus area is to develop agricultural project that will served different community in West Africa and possibly throughout Africa. I will like an opportunity to share with you details of some our past , current and future projects. Perhaps it may be possible for us to collaborate in the near future."
    • State:
      • Interview with Nikolay scheduled on 4. Mai, 20:00, GMT+2
      • Ideas exchanged about developing an agriculture educational center in Africa.

  • Silvio Gulizia, Italy, for Wired Italy
    • State:
      • Written questions received.
      • Questions answered on 3. May 2011

  • Davide Ludovisi, Italy, for Wired Italy and Oggiscienza
    • Davide: “thanks for your reply, first of all. As you may know, Wired is a mainstream technology magazine, and I should interview the responsible of the project. If Marcin would be available (Sunday morning would be perfect), I can submit the article and give you a feedback if it would be accepted. I also assure you that the interview would be very short, at most 20 minutes. Please, let me know if Marcin can find 20 minutes for me :)”
    • Davide: “if my proposal will be approved, the article will be published on Wired Italia (the Italian edition of Wired), the paper version, otherwise it could be published on the online version, or, at least, on, which is the most famous scientific blog in Italy. The readership of Wired is pop-geeks, and the audience is science enthusiastic.”
    • State:
      • Marcin's reply - to follow the Press Procedure.
      • Written questions are received and answered
      • Waiting for publication link.

  • Liz Stinson, USA, for Wired USA
    • Liz: “I was hoping to briefly speak with someone from OSE just to get a better idea of the project and your future plans. I'm hoping to pitch a story on your project to one of my editors at Wired magazine, and I like to have as much information as possible before I do so. If they like the story idea, ideally, I would go to OSE's farm in Missouri to see it first hand and report. So to answer your question directly, no, this particular interview won't be published in full (though I'll likely use the information we talk about), but I'm hoping it will give me the necessary information so that I can write a longer story on OSE. ”
    • 20. April 2011 - Skype talk with Nikolay
      • Next steps -
        • Liz will ask Marcin for a possible visit to FeF to write a story.
        • Marcin: On the future Media Days.

No Communication after 2 weeks

  • Dr. John Waterman, USA, for The Waterman Files
    • Waterman: "Two things I would like to do. Interview you on my radio show. I have both USA and European listeners. The Tuesday broadcast is mostly American with about 25 FM and AM stations. The Friday broadcast has more European listeners since it is based out of the Nederlands."
    • State: informed on the Press Procedure on 3. May

  • Monique Stander, South Africa, for The Lifestyle Show with Michelle Constant
    • Monique: "Marcin, I work as a producer at a national radio station in South Africa and we would love to schedule a telephonic interview with you regarding Open Source Ecology."
    • State: informed on the Press Procedure on 2. May

  • Renan Dissenha Fagundes, Brazil, for Epoca
    • Renan: "I'm a reporter at a Brazilian weekly magazine called Epoca. We're the second larger weekly magazine in Brazil. I want to schedule an interview with you about your open source projects to a piece on our website."
    • State: informed on the Press Procedure on 2. May

  • Mitchell Williams, USA, for Al Jazeera, The Stream
    • Mitchell: "We have just launched a new social media program on Al Jazeera English called The Stream We would like to discuss your Global Village Construction Set and how it could benefit a global audience in an upcoming show."
    • State: informed on the Press Procedure

  • Geoff Manaugh, USA, for Domus
    • Geoff: “published in Italy but distributed worldwide. They have relaunched their magazine with 100% English-language content. I do not know their exact circulation numbers, but they are a sizable and very respected magazine, with nearly a century of publication”
    • Geoff for Marcin: “I would love to speak with Marcin at some point, even if only for 20 minutes or so; hopefully we can arrange that.”
    • 20. April 2011 - Skype talk with Nikolay
      • Next steps - Geoff will prepare few questions on OSE and send them to Nikolay. Desired are answers from Marcin. The magazine wants to send a photographer to the farm.