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Open Source Ecology is a movement dedicated to collaboratively developing a Global Village Construction Set for replicable, open source, modern off-grid resilient communities. We use permaculture and digital fabrication together to provide for people's needs and open source methodology to allow the entire operation to be replicated cheaply. We hope to empower everyone to move beyond struggling for survival and evolve to freedom.

The technologies needed for an ecological, sustainable and pleasant standard of living could be reduced to the cost of scrap metal + labor. Once these tools are fully developed, there is immense potential for social transformation in building connected self-sufficient communities.

It's is an ambitious task, but we have accomplished much and are making rapid progress. Factor e Farm in Missouri, United States is the proving ground where we put these theories into practice. You can check out the latest updates of our progress on the Factor e Farm blog. More detailed information about the vision, purpose, and goals of Open Source Ecology can be found in the OSE Proposal.

As far as we know, this is a one-of-a-kind project, but we hope to change that. If you know about another project like ours, please tell us about it.

Global Village Construction Set

Our work up to this point has been primarily at Level 1 of the GVCS. We have produced open source machines and farm implements such as the LifeTrac tractor and the CEB Press. We are now gearing up to begin a massively parallel development of all levels of the GVCS. Hopefully, this stage of our work will be completed in 2012, after which creation of the first prototype 200 citizen Global Village will begin at the Factor e Farm site.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Building a set of machines as complete products using off-the-shelf components.

The machines are prototyped, tested, and immediately put to work supporting the developers at Factor e Farm.

Arrow2.png Building tools to build components for the machines of level 1.

Completion of the digital FabLab for small-scale local manufacturing of components.

Arrow2.png Building machines and processes to introduce raw materials into an ecological industrial cycle to serve as materials for the components of level 2.

The set can now be used to create copies of itself from abundant, low-grade natural resources.