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Notes on Inductive vs Resistive Loads

  1. Inductive loads use magnetic fields. Examples - Motors, solenoids, and relays. If it moves, it's probably an inductive load.
  2. Inductive loads can cause blowback voltage. Circuits should be protected from this by diodes.
  3. Blowback is caused by a surge of voltage created by the collapsing magnetic field in an inductor.
  4. Resistive loads convert current into other forms of energy, such as heat. No risk of blowback. [1]

Hand Drawn Schematics

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PWM comparators
Feedback Differential Amplifier

H Bridge
Voltage Regulator
Feedback Circuit
Inverter Wave Forms Overview
Boost Inverter Wave Forms
Sine Amplifier Circuit Diagram & Theory
Carrier Wave Generator
Triangle Wave Generator
Square Generator Circuit Diagram & Theory
Bubba Oscillator Circuit Diagram
Bubba Oscillator Theory