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Based on study of industry standards, and corresponding breakthrough via OSE Modular Swarmability, we propose Extreme Enterprise seed funded at the level of $2M for a finished product ecosystem. Basic cost structure is $100k management (incentive challenge organization), $100k reward, $100k materials, $100k collaborative literacy training development (software and documentation), $50k labor (fabricator-in-training), 6 person engineering team at $600k with incentive of having them progress to production management, $200k for manufacturing development (CNC torch, welding robot, any tools typical of the trade), and course startup for training 12 cohorts ($650k - 6 full time engineering-type professors). Risk factors: recruiting, addressed by maximum bootstrapping of apprentices-in-training - focusing on developing the talent. The question becomes - what delay times are typical for rapid training.

Thus the key here is reframing everything around lifelong learning, and that is how we treat everyone in the shop.