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Looking for Template to "Log"

December 2012


Have been very busy lately with work, family, etc. Quite possibly found a collaborator, and/ or someone to buy a welder off of. A Millermatic 251 for $1000, hoping I can barter and set up some sort of agreement as this seems to be a good sized MIG, capable of aluminum, etc. Will get back to it after Christmas. Need to get job in NH moving, will be working more on AutoCAD once caught up in regular work. Hopefully gathering collaborators and resources over the next two weeks as well as working on mixer


Worked on job in NH, large stone wall. Laid out close to 125 feet of foundation. Took pictures of wall/ staging, also of cement mixer on job and all its parts. Will upload those later as they are on my iPhone. Which is dead. As well as my car which died suddenly after I had the lights shining on the wall as I worked into the night. Waited over an hour for a jump, AAA was too late, a kid stopped and offered a jump, thank god,I was freezing! Currently at new apartment, doing more AutoCAD. Will try to get mixer pictures, separate parts online soon, as well as up to speed on AutoCAD to get the parts mapped out on there. Still in need of a welder and a generator. Job in NH would be a lot faster with a Bobcat/ machine of some sort. Unable to afford one, or to build OSE model.


Worked regular job in the morning, moved into new apartment at night before family Christmas Party! Fit in some AutoCAD, did part of a tutorial as it is a lot different than I remember!


Braced chimney to keep in line with bartering agreement for space to work on cars/ build OSE Cement Mixer, among other things. Took pictures of some of the tools/ resources I have available. They include an engine lift, stand, hand tools, etc.


Looking more into cement/ cement mixer. Possibly may contact "refmin@verizon.net" Refractory Minerals Inc, referenced in Cement, to see what their takes are on some sort of alternative to lime, depending on region, to mixing a sustainable material that holds and (a)bodes well (pun intended!). Seems Refractory Minerals has changed to Phosphate Bonds, and nfo@phosphatebonds.com. Looking for best CAD software for Cement Mixer. Familiar with first iterations of Google Sketchup. Will try to get familiar with it to get cement mixer mapped out and in CAD files by 1/12/13.


Continued finding members for OSE and open source electronics hardware stuff. Generally just trying to create momentum about open source stuff, a DIY attitude, through social media sites, mainly facebook. A lot of people interested, so far I have a former electronic engineer classmate, a mechanical engineer friend/ previous classmate, a metalworker, and a distant relative who is from P.E.I. who seems to be interested. An excellent remote collaborator, all friends local very resourceful.

Got the Bill of Materials laid out basically for the Cement Mixer Updated Research and Development [age of Cement Mixer, specifically Research and Overview, in which I mapped out Project Status and Schedule under Overview, as not to overlap someone else's work in the project status/ schedule.


Filled in more information on my template. Added my resume, also added my picture that is the same associated with my Google+ account. Just had déjà-vu a to people looking back at "what people did back in that time,before such simple things were open source, and common knowledge". Read the rules of the Wiki, checked out the cement mixer, read what was there, checked the history for the page to be sure nobody currently owned the project. Started my ideas, overflowed late into yesterday morning with cement mixer/ DIY thoughts fling through my head, watched Marcin's Ted talk/ Dedicated visit part, paused on the "Open source software/ hardware" part, I have worked with a lot of the open source software stuff to a degree.

I then proceeded to check out RepRap, Lasersaur, etc, got pretty pumped as I have not been back to hardware stuff in almost two years, it has come very far!