Jamming Evaluation

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  • Did the Fellow provide a clear problem statement?
  • Did the Fellow explain the roles involved in the Design Jam?
  • Did the Fellow engage in preparatory steps with participants prior to the event?
  • Were there clear procedures for how to execute different steps of the design/build process?
  • Was participant training prior to the event adequate?
  • Did everyone come prepared with OSE Linux?
  • For those who did not have OSE Linux already installed - did they boot up from USB successfully?
  • Were the prototyping machines available and useful throughout the event, and were they managed effectively?
  • Were certain roles preassigned prior to the event?
  • Were any co-leaders recruited from the audience?
  • Was there adequate documentation occurring throughout the event?
  • Were initial concept diagrams clear?
  • Were people matched properly to their skill sets?
  • Was everyone engaged, or were there many dead spots of people not knowing what to do?
  • How many 3D printers were in operation - and were rapid print rates achieved?
  • Were the part libraries and admissible parts useful?
  • How much funding did the campaign receive on HeroX?
  • Was there effective publicity engaged to enlist participants in the event?


  • Did the proposed product end up working?
  • How much of the desired performance was achieved?
  • Was the time enjoyable and fun?
  • Are the participants interested in doing a sequel event?
  • Did the Design Jam get a positive rating? Use the Workshop_Feedback_Form but add Design Jams to it.
  • Was a Product Template created as in Open Source Everything Store?
  • Did the Design Jam produce any visible economic value towards democratizing production of goods and services?