January 2020 OSEmail

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We are doiing STEAM Camp 2020 in 3 locations in a couple of weeks. Check out our new promo video on the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp:



As interest is swelling, we are now planning 6 events for the next one - on March 8, 2020, adding Hong Kong and other locations.

As we grow the STEAM Camp 2020, we are preparting to train large numbers of people in collaborative literacy and design skills for our Incentive Challenges, where our goal is to open source one industry segment after another. 

We are working on transforming schools - with our first pilot in San Diego to get a whole network of schools involved - where we begin to offer summer programs - and convert classrooms into collaborative design and integrated skills learning spanning many disciplines. If you are a teacher or know principals who we can introduce this to - please let me know. 

Other than this, we are just minding our own business, creating an open source world. Between STEAM Camp 2020, OSE Clubs, workshops, products, and incentive challenges - we are creating a collaboration architecture for the next society, one small step at a time. Check out ways you can get involved at https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Getting_Involved - I just updated this page - and please forward this on to your friends.